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PIC Wire and Cable Future-Proofs the D-38999 Connector

PIC Wire and Cable Future-Proofs the D-38999 Connector

PIC Wire and Cable is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic cables, connectors, and assemblies for a broad range of corporate and military applications. Its products have more than 50 years of proven application success. Its staff of dedicated technical specialists provides complete application support during the entire system design process. It also offers rapid prototyping services.

Machforce connector

The Machforce connector is a high-speed, 10G Ethernet connector that is designed for bulkhead and rugged data applications. Its unique design and patented technology deliver robust electrical performance, increased data transfer density, and simple termination. This connector is available in several sizes and as a complete assembly.

MACHFORCE connectors are compatible with PIC Wire and Cable’s DataMATES(r) 10G Ethernet cables. MACH FORCE connectors also feature multiple connection breaks and silver-plated copper braided shielding. They also enable customers to obtain industry-leading cable lengths.

A global provider of aircraft cable, PIC Wire & Cable offers a range of specialized cable assemblies and custom solutions for a variety of applications. Their range includes 50-ohm coaxial and 75-ohm coaxial cables, high-speed data bus cables, and custom cable assemblies.

Series III

For years, the MIL-DTL-38999 connector has been the standard in military and aerospace applications, but today, modern ruggedized computing systems require high-speed data transfer and a high-density ethernet connector. To meet these demands, PIC Wire and Cable has added several new features to the D-38999 connector.

The Series III connectors incorporate a quick-screw Tri-Start thread to ensure a secure mating connection. They are scoop-proof and can withstand high temperature and vibration environments. Additionally, their 360-degree shell grounding fingers deliver excellent signal integrity. Furthermore, they offer 65 dB of SNR at 10 GHz and operate in temperatures ranging from -65°F to +392°C.

Machforce D-38999 connectors are ruggedized for harsh environments and incorporate an anti-decoupling ring. They also feature cadmium-plated shells and backshells, which provide strain relief. Direct access to each pin is also provided. The D-38999 series has many advantages over competing connectors.

Scoop proof

PIC Wire and Cable is a leading manufacturer of specialty electronic cables, connectors, and assemblies. Their products are used in a variety of corporate and military applications. With over 50 years of application experience, their technical specialists help customers with every phase of their systems design. They also offer rapid prototyping services.

Among the benefits of this connector is its flexibility. It’s designed for use in harsh environments. Its temperature rating is important for many applications. High temperatures can place a tremendous amount of stress on wires carrying power. Eventually, the wire may become charred or even combustible. Therefore, manufacturers design their products with flame retardant materials and subject them to various flammability tests. The two types of flammability tests are NEC and UL. Both standards focus on the needs of the customer and the environment.

The D-38999 connector is UL listed, which means that it has been certified to meet National Safety Standards. UL certification is important for wires and cables used in closed environments with flammable or explosive materials. It ensures safety against fires, electrical shocks, and other unexpected hazards. PIC Wire and Cable is one of the few manufacturers to achieve this certification.


PIC Wire and Cable is a global manufacturer of high-performance electronic connectors and cables. Its innovative line of connectors includes the Machforce connector, a ruggedized 10G Ethernet connector. This innovative connector is designed to meet the demands of high-speed electronic systems used in aerospace and defense applications.

The MIL-DTL-38999 connector is a small, circular connector for high-speed data transmission. It features up to 128 contacts with various keying options and shell sizes. The D-38999 connector family is available in four distinct sub-types, ranging from #9 to #25 shell sizes. The connectors are suitable for a variety of applications.

The MIL-DTL-38999 Series IV type TB series is designed to be 100% compatible with military specification and commercial derivatives. It is used in high-speed data communication and video signals. The connectors feature a patented RADSOK(r) Contact with a twisted inner grid. During installation, the female half of the connector deflects as the male pin is inserted into the male pin. This process reduces the possibility of contact damage due to high-current flow across the connections.

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